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About Silver T-Shirt Inc

Silver T-Shirt Inc is a Custom Graphic T-Shirt design company. We create fun-filled, inspirational, and family-friendly T-Shirts for everyday wear, or to dress up in. We aim to provide our clients with  T-Shirt graphic designs that evoke joy, laughter, and lightheartedness.

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There's a little child in each of us


There's a little child somewhere in each human being.

When we were children, we played, sang, danced, and imagined endlessly.

We had fun with toys, books, siblings, peers, animals, trees. We asked questions endlessly.

Some of us somehow lost the joy that we had as children. Life became a drag with the pressures of school. adulthood, parenting, bill paying, and more.


Mother and Son Riding a Twist Car


Life should be fun


At Silver T-Shirt Inc, we believe that life should be fun. We believe that we have the capacity to recapture the joy and laughter of our childhood when we were carefree.

"Even though you are growing up, you should never stop having fun." (Nina Dobrev)

“The life you have left is a gift. Cherish it. Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters, now.” (Leo Babauta)


Let's help you to recapture the joy of your childhood


I hope that you can trust us here at Silver T-Shirt Inc to help you to recapture the joy of your childhood.

I hope that a little smile will curve your lips as you study our T-shirt designs.

I hope that you will watch fun cartoons with little kids.

I hope that you will play with little children, laugh with them,

and listen to what we believe are their tall tales.

Stay here a while, browse our collection and laugh again.

Thanks for visiting Silver T-Shirt Inc. Have a great day.


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