Ancient Dinosaurs - September 03, 2020

What is the meaning of Ankylosaurus Dinosaur?

The Ankylosaurus dinosaur is an armored lizard. Its name means "fused lizard" due to the fusing of bones in its skull and other body parts. 

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Ankylosaurus dimensions

Ankylosaurus might have been about  20 to 26 ft in length. He weighed a whopping  4.8 to 8 metric tons.  This is an unbelievable 9600 to 16000 pounds.  He was obviously much heavier than a bus!

Ankylosaurus description

The ankylosaurus was characterized by a broad body with a wide, low skull. You can't miss one anywhere because the most outstanding feature is the horns. Two of them are located at the back of the head and pointed backward.  There were two additional horns below these upper ones which pointed backward and downwards.  Image result for ankylosaurus Tags: ankylosaurus, ankylosaurus meaning, ankylosaurus diet, ankylosaurus habitat, dinosaur t-shirts, dinosaur t-shirts for adults, dinosaur t-womens, dinosaur shirt, dinosaur shirt mens, dinosaur t-shirt toddler, dinosaur t-shirt boy, dinosaur t-shirts for fanily, dinosaur shirts adults, dinosaur shirt, dinosaur hoodie adults, tshirts, tee shirts, t-shirts, tees, shirts, graphic tees, graphic t shirts, customized shirts, gift ideas, quality, hoodie, sweater, t shirt, hooded sweatshirt, aprons, tank top, baby onesies, toddler, v-neck, ladies, mens, whole family,