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Do you offer a tracking number with orders?

Yes, all orders going to the United States receive a tracking number in real-time. International orders will receive a tracking number that may only be valid in the United States. Local carriers may continue to use the tracking number provided to update delivery information.


How secure is my personal information?


Silver T-Shirt Inc uses industry-standard privacy protection.  Customer information is not sold, leased or otherwise distributed.


Do I have to pay taxes on purchases?


All Canadian orders are subject to HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) for orders that are shipped within Canada. An HST tax of between 5% - 15% (varying by province) is included in Canadian orders. This is applied at checkout.


Are all your shirts pre-treated?


Not all of our shirts require pre-treatment. Darker color shirts with specific designs do require an under base. The under base preserves the design for longer durations and prevents it from washing off.

The pre-treatment area is the size of the printing area. This washes off easily after the first wash. You would receive a notice inside the package if the pre-treatment is highly visible. This area could look like a large transparent, or translucent, square or rectangle.

The pre-treated area is a non-toxic water-based coating that helps your design last as long as possible.


Can I Cancel An Order?


Orders can be canceled before they have been printed.

To cancel an order, a [Cancel] link will be visible at the top right-hand corner of your order. If this link is not available, it will be too late to cancel or make any changes to this order.


Can I make modifications to my order once it has been processed?


Once an order has been paid for, only some modifications may be made. While the item is processing, you can request an address change through the Change Address link in the order details.

We do not allow modifications to an order once it has been processed. Modifications include adding rush shipping, style, color, and size changes.




We make every effort possible to ensure your items will be produced at their best quality. We offer a money-back guarantee on products that do not meet our quality standard.

We will offer a credit to your account, or a replacement item free of charge if one or more of the following occurs:

  • Incorrect Size or Style: If the garment printed on does not match that of our order page

  • Printing Error: If the finished product is misaligned by more than one-inch (1.0") off center from the provided measurements

  • Incorrect Printing: The finished product artwork differs from the artwork supplied to us

  • Missing or Damaged Garments: If your item was not delivered in a timely manner, or the garment was ripped, torn, or damaged.


Returns Without Cause

Due to the customized nature of our products, items cannot be returned that were correctly printed and delivered to the customer.


Shipping Policy


Items are shipped within 24 to 38 hours after the order is made. Delivery times vary as follows:


United States Postal Service - US shipping.


1 - 3 days - (Fast-Track) - $ 6.95.
1 - 4 days - (Standard) -   $ 4.95.


Canada Post  - ships in Canada.

1 - 5 days - (Fast-Track) - 8.95.
1 - 7 days -  (Standard) - 6.95.

Shipping to Europe via Spring.

1 to 5 days -  $ 9.00

International deliveries.

1 to 10 days - Standard - $ 9.00.

Submitting A Claim

Claims may be submitted through our Support Ticket feature. Please provide your order number and images of the received garment, if applicable.